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Are you ready? Find your Inner Athlete! 

Being an athlete can mean something different to everyone. Whether it’s competing at sport, preparing for a 5k or keeping up with your kids, being an athlete is more about what you do from day to day to remain healthy and active. Having an athlete’s mindset means having the discipline to improve on yourself every day.

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Change your body with strength training and reduce stress.

Why strength train at Inner Athlete?

Stronger muscles: You need to have a strong core to stabilize your limbs. Strong glutes and quads will help propel your body faster.

Improved Performance: Strength training along with some additional cross training will greatly improve your oxygen consumption. With a proper strength training program, we will improve your overall biomechanics.

A properly planned strength and stretching program will greatly reduce injury and correct imbalances.  

Strength training also reduces the risk of high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Last and of great importance is strength training will lead to a stronger mindset that will help you deal with stress and anxiety to give you an overall better feeling of positivity.


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Supportive and Motivational Trainers

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It’s More Than a Workout

At Inner Athlete, it all starts with the right mindset. Training hard for an hour is great but that leaves a lot of time throughout the day where all that work can be sabotaged. We believe in teaching healthy lifestyle choices, eating habits and stress management to compliment a personalized exercise program.