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Cynthia Walker


[email protected]

AFPA Certifications:

Certified Advanced Personal Trainer

Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Corrective Exercise Specialist

Sports Nutrition Certified


In 2010 I hired a personal trainer to whip me into shape for my first sprint triathlon. After a few short months of seeing myself improve but also spectating the training around me I decided to start to make a career change. At the time my son was five and I was also looking to change careers from a demanding corporate job to a flexible rewarding job. I took my time, shadowed trainers, studied and finally became certified and working part time as a personal trainer in May of 2013. eleven years later I am still training and have yet hit another goal of owning my own personal training business- Inner Athlete.

I want my clients to be able to wake up and be physically capable of whatever they want to do that day. Whatever your goal is, weight loss, strength, better functional movement, meal prep, I can help!

Fun facts about me: for the past eleven years I have competed in various events; Sprint Triathlons, Off-Road Triathlons, OCR Races, Fitness Competitions, & Running Races. My athletic interests are endless; hiking, tennis, biking and lifting. I am passionate about cooking and am always talking recipes with my clients and enjoy helping them organize their meals and shopping list. My son is all grown up now, while I am enjoying more free time being an empty nester, when he calls I drop what I’m doing to spend time with him.

I have been a CASA volunteer for four years and a Motley Mutts Volunteer for two years.

We have two dogs, both almost three years old, Oakley our goofy chocolate lab and Delilah or ” foster” fail. She was so sweet we had to keep her.

I very much look forward to working with you!

Chris Lanctot


Certified Fitness Trainer: ISSA,NFPT

Certified Specialist in Fitness Nutrition
Certified Senior Fitness Specialist
Certified AED/CPR

I have been training professionally for twelve years but have been passionate about health and fitness most of my life. Growing up I played baseball, basketball, and football. When I wasn’t playing sports I was on my bike all day. I became more involved in exercise and strength training as I got into my teens and saw how it translated on the field playing sports . Exercise was also a great stress reliever and confidence booster for me. Later on in my teens nutrition became more important to me as I saw how it directly impacted how I felt. My passion for exercise remained into my twenties though I had not yet thought about it as a career path. I worked different jobs in different fields for years but was never satisfied. Finally a light bulb went off. Why not do what I am passionate about and give others the same strength and confidence that health and fitness has brought me. My journey began in 2011 and I began personal training. Along the way I have met some great people ,made some great friends, and hopefully have changed some lives. I continue to learn more in this ever-changing field . I’ve worked with athletes as young as 10 years old, the senior population, and everything in between. Whether your goal is losing weight, building muscle, gaining stability, or regaining mobility in your joints, I can help.

Now at 43 years old, my love for health and fitness is stronger than ever. When I’m not working with others you can find me hiking in the white mountains, biking throughout New England, or working with my significant other, Cynthia in our yard in New Boston with our dogs Oakley & Delilah. I still get out and play sports and try to feel like a kid as much as I can. My goal as a fitness professional is to use my knowledge ,as well as my continuing education to have some impact on the people that I work with.

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